DVD Of DJ Diego García

DG There's

This Is A Official Cover Of This DVD

This DVD reports the life of the Argentine musician and also it(he,she) contains mas material in order that you could enjoy your history.

In the DVD it is possible to find ringtones, wallpapers of his(her,your) tour Burnin ' Up 26 digital photos. The spots of his albumes and the pop videos of each one of you them were of your discs, Diego García and Nuclear Virus.

The histories inside the DVD tell the beginnings in the music of the young composer from very under in 2000 up to the current importance with your first album and his Nuclear tour Virus and what one comes with your second album of studio

  • Album: There's Something About Diego: The History Of Diego García
  • Released: TBA
  • Record Time: 2008(March-September)
  • Genre(s): Electronica
  • Length: 43:32
  • Label(s): TBA



Album Info Interview Info
# Title Time
1 "Intro" 0:22
2 "First Single And New Sensations" 1:18
3 "Computer & Radiolactive Music Lab Part 1" 2:16
4 "Computer & Radiolactive Music Lab Part 2" 1:34
5 "I Hate My Bad Songs" 3:52
6 "Infuctious Substances & The New Styles" 3:22
7 "First LP Or Album With Your Singles" 3:50
8 "The Information & The Best Featuring" 2:56
9 "House Style & A Brand New EP" 1:05
10 "Bad Music" 0:41
11 "Start The Official Music & Official Albums" 1:36
12 "The First Album With Your Editions & Bonus García Edition" 3:07
13 "Bonus Track Edition" 1:02
14 "Gold Edition & Singles Of The 3 Editions" 1:48
15 "Nuclear Virus & Tours" 2:15
16 "The End" 0:35


Diego GarcíaEdit

  • Burnin' Up
  • Klaxon Beat
  • Practic Techno

Nuclear VirusEdit

  • Hasta Donde(The Love Chronicle)
  • Techno Logic Radiation House
  • Toxic Waste Manager

& MoreEdit

MP3 TonesEdit

  1. -Burnin' Up(Featuring Matias Salmona)
  2. -Klaxon Beat
  3. -Practic Techno
  4. -Radiolactive Music Lab
  5. -S.O.S.


  • 26 Digital Photos


  • Diego García Album
  • Bonus García Edition
  • Nuclear Virus


  • Nuclear Virus Offcial Spot
  • Diego García Album
  • Bonus García Edition
  • Nuclear Virus


  • In The Bedroom
  • In The Bus
  • In Your Family Holiday

--DJDiegoGarcia 01:42, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

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