Album Of DJ Diego García

  • Album: Sing-Along The Songs About The Music Of Teen Life
  • Released: TBA
  • Record Time: 2008-(August-TBA)
  • Genre(s): Rock, Pop, Country, Experimental
  • Length: TBA
  • Label(s): Independiente


Year Album Chart positions Sales/certification
Youtube Sonica Speedy Beta Records El RapidShare MySpace
TBA Sing-Along The Songs About The Music Of Teen Life
  • World Downloads: —
  • Argentina Download: —
  • Certification: —

Tracklist ConfirmedEdit

Album Info Song Info
# Title Featuring Cover Of Music Video Peak Position Site Peak Position # Time
1 "I'm, I'm, I'm(Like No Other)" - - No - - 4:52
2 "PopLife" - - No - - 2:20

--DJDiegoGarcia 01:42, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

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