Album Of DJ Diego García

DG Nuclear

This Is A Cover Of Standar Edition Of 2nd Album Of DJ Diego García

Nuclear Virus is the DJ's second album of DJ Diego García, that goes out to the sale the February 20, 2009 with the complete tracklist. DJ Diego García composed the songs in the middle of your " Burnin' Up Live Tour 2008".

DJ Diego García began your "Burnin' Up Live Tour 2008", the January 10, 2008 in the one that promoted some songs of the second studio album of Nuclear Virus, the tour close the April 18, 2008, for Capital Federal, Buenos Aires (Argentina). Most of the shows I manage to present as very much 4 songs of Nuclear Virus.

Nuclear Virus Album Info(2)


Standars EditionEdit

World Premier: Limited Edition (September 30, 2008), Standar, Argentina, American Edition, UK (March 29, 2009), Australian (May 25, 2009) & Japanese (July 5, 2009) (2008-2009)Edit

  1. Nuclear Virus
  2. Toxic Waste Manager
  3. Techno Logic Radiation House
  4. Year 3000(Featuring Matias Salmona)
  5. I'm, I'm, I'm(Like No Other)
  6. The Stars Are Rain(Featuring Matias Salmona)
  7. Dangerous
  8. Synthpop
  9. BB Good
  10. Hasta Donde(The Love Chronicle)
  11. Hold On
  12. Inseparable
  13. Video Girl
  14. Don't Take My Heart And Put It On A Shelf
Bonus TrackEdit
15. Musica The Music

--DJDiegoGarcia 01:42, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

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