"Feel The Vibe"
Feel The Vibe Cover Parental Advisory
Single by One World
from the album One World
Released January 30, 2011
Format YouTube (Official Music Video)
Recorded November 16, 2010
Genre House, Synthpop, Eurodisco
Length 3:24
Label Youtube Records
Kpo145 Records
One World Recordings
Producer One World
One World singles chronology
"Feel The Vibe"

"Feel The Vibe" is the debut singles of One World by the Argentinean Electronic Music Art Composer One World.

Music videoEdit

The music video was recorded with Hypercam 2

The Winamp's Japanese roler coaster exhibit in the music video for "Feel The Vibe".

The music video was recorded with Hypercam 2. What you see in the video is a visualization software belonging to Winamp, it displays a lively style coaster Tokyo Japan.

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