"EuroBeat On The Dancefloor"

"EuroBeat On The Dancefloor" cover

Promotional Songs by One World from the album One More World
Released April 25, 2011
Format Youtube (Official Studio Song)
Recorded January 7, 2011
Genre Eurodance
Length 3:37
Label Youtube Records
Kpo145 Records
One World Recordings
Producer One World
One More World track listing

CD 1 (Aditional Tracks):
11. Electronic Shock (One World Remix) (2:24)
12. Feel The Vibe (One World Remix) (6:39)
13. One World (One World Remix) (4:46)
CD 2:
14. Electronic Anthem (6:20)
15. Experience (2:25)
16. EuroBeat On The Dancefloor (3:37)
17. Feel The Vibe (Part 2) (6:55)
18. Electronic Anthem (Part 2) (6:20)
19. Club Can't Handle Me (Flo Rida & David Guetta Cover) (4:17)
20. One More World (Based On The Song Megamix By Madonna) (5:04)

One More World track listing
"EuroBeat On The Dancefloor"
Feel The Vibe (Part 2)

"EuroBeat On The Dancefloor" is a song by Argentinean Electronic Music Art Composer One World. This song is a promotional song by One More World.

Music videoEdit

The song hasn't got a music video

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