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DG Gold

This Is A Official Cover Of Gold Edition Of Diego GarcIa Of DJ Diego García

His first album, Diego GarcIa is entitled. The album supposedly was going to go out in December 17, 2007, but one delayed a few times. The delay owed to the different changes of tracklist of the album, to the repetition of choice of songs and the desire of them of having other one simple to the front.

Meanwhile, his first simple one nowadays, Burnin' Up(Feat. Matias Salmona) it was launched the April 10, 2008. The musical video of this one was transmitted in Youtube's official profile of the musician and in El, alcansando *1 in youtube the May 8, 2008. Finally the album Diego GarcIa threw the May 20, 2008.

This disc compiles songs made the unofficial race between 2000-2008. Some 50% of the songs are covers.

+ Bonus Tracks In Second CD.

  • Album: Diego GarcIa Gold Edition(2CD's)
  • Released: TBA
  • Record Time: 2000-2008
  • Genre(s): House, Teen Techno Pop, Rock, Electroclash, Teen Industrial Pop
  • Length: 42:50(CD1(Standar Tracks))+60:18(CD2(Bonus Tracks))
  • Label(s): TBA
DJ Diego García Album Gold Edition Chronology
"Items" "Before" "Present" "After"
"Year" - TBA -
"Album" - Diego GarcIa Gold Edition(2CD's)


CD1(Standar Tracks)Edit

Album Info Song Info
# Title Time
1 "S.O.S." 2:46
2 "Half-Life" 5:08
3 "Shake It" 2:08
4 "School N.E.R.D. Dance" 5:43
5 "Burnin' Up(Feat. Matias Salmona)" 2:47
6 "Gothic" 1:02
7 "Sci-Fi" 1:04
8 "PopLife" 2:20
9 "Klaxon Beat" 4:19
10 "Nowhere Near(The Winter Song)" 4:30
11 "Practic Techno" 2:46
12 "Radiolactive Music Lab" 4:24
13 "The Sky" 3:53

CD2(Bonus Tracks)Edit

Album Info Song Info
# Title Time
1 "Wonderful Electric" 4:55
2 "Dance With Me" 4:43
3 "The Lab" 4:00
4 "Reggaeton" 3:43
5 "Sessions" 3:00
6 "TechnoWindMix" 4:51
7 "Musica The Music" 5:10
8 "Sea Of Music" 2:03
9 "Nuclear Power Plant" 3:45
10 "Riot Of Noise" 4:21
11 "Der Silber" 2:59
12 "Projecto Uranio" 1:31
13 "So Hot Summer" 5:28
14 "Club Megamix(Bonus Track)" 9:49


Date Of Released Info Of Single
Released: TBA
Record: September 20, 2008
So Hot Summer
Length: 5:28
Composers: DJ Diego García
Producer: DJ Diego García
Released: TBA
Record: September 5, 2008
Nuclear Power Plant
Length: 3:45
Composers: DJ Diego García
Producer: Matias Salmona


Year Peak positions

Courts Of BroadcastEdit

Year Single Peak positions
TBA So Hot Summer TBA
Nuclear Power Plant TBA

External LinkEdit

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