Album Of DJ Diego García


This Is A Official Cover Of 1st Deluxe Edition Of Diego GarcIa Of DJ Diego García

This disc compiles songs made the unofficial race between 2000-2008. Some 50% of the songs are covers. And a DVD Bonus.

  • Album: Diego GarcIa (Bonus García Edition: CD+DVD)
  • Released: TBA
  • Record Time: 2000-2008
  • Genre(s): Pop, electronica, dance-pop, rock
  • Length: 47:17(CD)+44:49(DVD)
  • Label(s): TBA
DJ Diego García Album Deluxe Chronology
"Items" "Before" "Present" "After"
"Year" - TBA TBA
"Album" - Diego GarcIa (Bonus García Edition: CD+DVD) Diego García(Bonus Track Edition)



Album Info Song Info
# Title Time
1 "S.O.S." 2:46
2 "Half-Life" 5:08
3 "Shake It" 2:08
4 "School N.E.R.D. Dance" 5:43
5 "Burnin' Up(Feat. Matias Salmona)" 2:47
6 "Gothic" 1:02
7 "Sci-Fi" 1:04
8 "Klaxon Beat" 4:19
9 "Nowhere Near(The Winter Song)" 4:30
10 "Practic Techno" 2:46

Bonus Tracks

Album Info Song Info
# Title Time
11 "Sea Of Music" 2:03
12 "Sessions" 3:00
13 "TechnoWindMix" 4:51
14 "Musica The Music" 5:10


No Official VideosEdit

  • Musica The Music
  • Radiolactive Music Lab

Official VideosEdit

  • Burnin' Up
  • Klaxon Beat
  • Practic Techno

Unpublished MaterialEdit

  • Nuclear Virus Official Spot Comercial Of Youtube
  • De Musica Ligera Featuring Los Kpo's De 145(Video)
Burnin' Up Live Tour 2008(Audio/Tracklist)Edit
Album Info Song Info
# Title Time
1 "Big Girl...-...Break The Ice(Live)" 1:38
2 "''Gothic...-...Klaxon Beat(Live)" 1:10
3 "Don't Stop The Music...-...Musica The Music(Live)" 5:11
4 "Hunter...-...Lips(Live)" 3:19
5 "Candy...-...Sci-Fi(Live)" 1:04

More ThingsEdit

  • Digital Poster
  • Digital Covers

Nuclear Virus(World Premier Singles)Edit

Album Info Song Info
# Title Time
1 "Nuclear Virus" 2:54
2 "Year 3000" 2:55
3 "Toxic Waste Manager" 2:27
4 "Techno Logic Radiation House" 4:24


Date Of Released Info Of Single
Released: TBA
Record: December 20, 2007
Practic Techno
Length: 2:46
Composers: DJ Diego García
Producer: Matias Salmona
Released: TBA
Record: January 30, 2008
Length: 1:04
Composers: DJ Diego García
Producer: Matias Salmona, DJ Diego García


Year Peak positions

Courts Of BroadcastEdit

Year Single Peak positions
TBA Practic Techno TBA
Gothic TBA

External LinkEdit

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