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Diego García Most Wanted: The TotalHits 2000-2009

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Nombre: Diego García Most Wanted: The TotalHits 2000-2009 Label: 1317 Project Year: 2009


  • La Marcha De Homero(The Latina-Version Rapida-Original)(Featuring Homero Simpsons)
  • Los Simpsons
  • Vivir
  • Boggie Boggie Remix(Ft. ViceNandez)
  • Bet On It
  • Traumataitions(Matias Fernandez Dj Mixed Remix)
  • We're Dance With Homero J. Simpson
  • Ni Freud Ni Tu Mama
  • Ligero, Ligero, Slow, Slow, Stop & Look(The Reggaeton)
  • So Technoligic Music(Ft. Reason 2.5)...-...TechnoWindMix
  • Megamix(Bonus Track/The Informa-tions)
  • Practic Techno(Original Mix)
  • Breakbeat Template
  • Bailable
  • Nuclear Fussion Original Mix
  • Klaxon Beat(Radiolactive Music Lab B-Side)
  • Me Pertenece
  • Radiolactive Music Lab
  • Radiolactive Music Lab(Switchero DJ Moving Remix)
  • Shift(Ft. Gonzalo Boiro & Belen Toyos)
  • Computer

Informacion Del AlbumEdit

  • Tipo De Album: Recopilatorio
  • Cantidad De CD's: 1
  • Producido Por: Gonzalo Boiro/Belen Toyos

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