"De Musica Ligera"
Single by 1317Project Band
from the album Versions
Released September 29, 2008
Format YouTube
Recorded September 27, 2008
Genre Acoustic Rock
Length 1:44
Label Self-Released
Producer Diego García
1317Project Band singles chronology
"De Musica Ligera"

"De Musica Ligera" is the debut singles of Versions by the Argentinean Acoustic Rock Band 1317Project Band.

Music videoEdit

The music video isn't recorded.


Chart (2008 — 2011) Peak
YouTube Argentina 1
YouTube Peru 1
YouTube Spain 2
YouTube Chile 1
YouTube Colombia 1
YouTube United States 1
YouTube Guatemala 1
YouTube Mexico 2
YouTube Canada 6
YouTube Germany 4
YouTube El Salvador 2
YouTube Uruguay 1
YouTube Costa Rica 1
YouTube Venezuela 3
YouTube Panama 1
YouTube Dominican Republic 3
YouTube Nicaragua 2
YouTube Bolivia 3
YouTube Netherlands 10
YouTube Honduras 1
YouTube Ecuador 5
YouTube Israel 9
YouTube Brazil 6
YouTube Italy 3
YouTube Finland 7
YouTube Denmark 7
YouTube Puerto Rico 3
YouTube Ireland 5
YouTube United Kingdom 1
YouTube Sweden 5
YouTube Hungary 8
YouTube Norway 5
YouTube Japan 9
YouTube Tailand 8
YouTube Switzerland 9

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