style="text-align:center; font-size:1.4em; line-height:1.3em; background:Template:Infobox Musical artist/color;" colspan="2" Template:! Diego García
style="white-space:nowrap;" Template:! Birth name

Template:! class="nickname" Template:! Diego Mariano García Template:!-


Template:! Template:Birth date and age Template:!-


Template:! Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina Template:!-

style="white-space:nowrap;" Template:! Genre(s)

Template:! Pop, Rock, Dance, Electronica, House, Industrial, R&B, Techno Template:!-

style="white-space:nowrap;" Template:! Occupation(s)

Template:! DJ, Producer, Singer-songwriter, Director, Composer Template:!-

style="white-space:nowrap;" Template:! Instrument(s)

Template:! class="note" Template:! Guitar, Keybords, Synthesizer, Vocal, Drums Template:!-

style="white-space:nowrap;" Template:! Years active

Template:! 2000 — Present (DJ & Composer)
2004 — 2009 (Singer)
2006 — Present (Songwriter)
2007 — Present (Producer)
2008 — Present (Director) Template:!-

style="white-space:nowrap; padding-right:1em;" Template:! Label(s)

Template:! Dance Machine(2000 — 2004)
Rapidshare(2004 — 2007)
Independiente(2008 — 2009)
Youtube Records(2008 — Present) Template:!-

style="padding-right:1em;" Template:! Associated acts

Template:! Matias Salmona, Pablo García, Matias Wolowelsky, Jonathan Tarafa, Los Kpo's De 145 Template:!-

style="text-align:center; line-height:1.5em; background:Template:Infobox Musical artist/color;" colspan="2" Template:! Members

Template:!- Template:! style="text-align:center;" colspan="2" Template:! Diego García (DJ & Producer)
Matias Salmona (Manager & Producer)
Matias Wolowelsky (Assistant)
Jonathan Tarafa (Production Manager) Template:!-

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