DJ Collin's Life Edit

DJ Collin (real Name: Fabian Ernst) was born in November '98 in Germany. He visited the kindergarden and the primary schools first year in a village near Emden. Than he moved to Frankfurt am Main.

After 5 years he moved back to the northsea coast.

His Music Edit

He mixes Club Music on his own mixcloud account and makes radioshows on a webradio. Everything started 2010, he has found the radio player Now In and opened his first webradio there. Than he moved to a Radio of the german Habbo Scene. After many small webradios he found a german GTA Gaming Radio. He applied there and joined the team. Actually he's as a Streamleader there.

Speedlink Thebe, Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE, Virtual DJ
Own Website:

Projects Edit

Hes Leader of the german DJ Network Streamers-NetworkDE and streamleader at Sunset-Radio.

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