Single Of DJ Diego García

  • Single: BB Good
  • Released: 10 de agosto de 2008
  • Record Time: 2008
  • Genre: Rock
  • Length: 3:00
  • Album: Nuclear Virus
  • Label: Independiente


Year Title Chart positions Album
Youtube Sonica Speedy Beta Records El 4Shared MySpace
2008 Burnin' Up(Feat. Matias Salmona) 1(x3) 40 1(present) 1(x9) Diego GarcIa
Half-Life 5 19 147
Practic Techno 1(x3) 26 1(x1) 17 2 Diego GarcIa (Bonus García Edition: CD+DVD)
Klaxon Beat 1(x5) 1(x1) 100 197 Diego GarcIa
Toxic Waste Manager 9 106 Nuclear Virus
Techno Logic Radiation House 1(present) 1(present) 1(x2) 1(x17) 1(x1)
BB Good 161
Hasta Donde(The Love Chronicle)


This Is a Cover Of The Jonas Brothers

Link Of The VideoEdit

Coming Soon

--DJDiegoGarcia 01:42, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

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