Album Of DJ Diego García

A Little Bit Longer(Front)

This Is A Cover Of Standar Edition Of 3rd Album Of DJ Diego García

The third album of Diego García's study, A Little Bit Longer , even this one in production, but this(this one) for throwing(launching) an edition world premier of him(it), rightly as his(her,your) second album, Nuclear Virus . In a period of 4 months 3 songs have been thrown(launched) as(like) premier: Skytronica (that I come to *100 in UK), BB Good (Re-Released) (that I come to *8 in USA), and Shut Up And Let Me Go (that I overcome in the whole world *1).

A Little Bit Longer Album Info(2)


Standars EditionEdit

World Premier: Limited Edition (October 19, 2008) (2008-2009)Edit

  1. A Little Bit Longer
  2. Let's Dance
  3. CD Player
  4. Skytronica
  5. A Brand New Thing(Potential Song)
  6. Life Is Good
  7. Bullseye
  8. Chemical React
  9. Go! Go! Go!
  10. You're Not Supposed to Be Here
  11. Touch & Fly(The Air Song)
  12. Hold On(Re-Released)
  13. BB Good(Re-Released)
  14. The A Little Bit Longer It's Over
Bonus TracksEdit
15. Shut Up And Let Me Go(Featuring Matias Salmona)
16. Burnin' Up(Remake Remix)

--DJDiegoGarcia 01:42, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

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